Giant Areva 2015

Giant Areva 2015

20 Giant Liv Areva 1 Girls Bike

Ideal for 5-8-year-old girls
Simple to operate
Aluminium frame and wheels
The Areva is designed for smaller girls, with the emphasis being on creating a pretty looking bike that is simple to operate and feels easy to handle. Because the frame is relatively short a 5 or 6-year-old will not feel that it is “just too big”. The bike is easy to handle, the steering light and precise, so it inspires confidence in a young girl moving up from a much smaller bike.

The frame, wheels and cranks (the things the pedals attach to) are all made of aluminium, to keep the weight down. The gears have a shifter that has a light action, ideal for hands that are not very strong. Of course, the brakes are easy to use and adjustable to suit the length of her fingers.

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