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BMX Bikes

BMX bikes can cater to several different type of riding – racing, freestyle, and dirt-jumping. Which one of these are you into? Don’t matter! Breakaway Cycles have the BMX bike that’s right for you!

Just a few of the bikes you’ll be able to grab on the floor at Breakaway Cycles in Morisset are listed below. Click on the photos to check out the full range in our online shop, or come in and see us to find out what else we have or can order in for you.


Radio Evol

Mirraco Velle

Redline Proline

Redline Raid

Sunday Primer

Redline Roam

Radio Dice

Mirraco Notch

For more details on any of these bikes or the complete range of BMX Bikes
available at Breakaway Cycles, please visit our online shop here.

65 Dora Street, Morisset NSW 2264 Ph: 02 4973 4446 Fax: 02 4973 4136